Tribal Courts of New York
Cayuga  •  Oneida  •  Onondaga  •  St. Regis Mohawk  •  Seneca  •  Tonawanda Seneca  •  Tuscarora  •  Shinnecock  •  Unkechaug
N.Y. State Unified Court System  •  United States Courts for the Second Circuit Resident in the State of New York
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Projects - Jurisdiction and Recognition of Judgments

New Yok State Department of Motor Vehicles Recognition of Tribal Court Orders

Comity Rule – Final – (signed by CAJ Prudenti)

Overview of US law with links to primary sources – See Listening Conference materials.

Robert Odawi Porter, Jurisdictional Relationship Between the Iroquois and New York State: An Analysis of 25 U.S.C. Section 232, 233, Harv. J. Legis. 497 (1990)

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